Source: Tollgate fees, fuel reviews lead to price increases – NewsDay Zimbabwe

ON January 31, 2021 Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) introduced a dual pricing system and hiked toll fees for road users by 100%.

Recently, there was an increase in fuel prices and now an increase in tollgate fees, economic fundamentals simply say if you raise fuel prices and tollgate fees, these have a domino effect on the prices of products and services.

The ruling party should not cry, but demand that the government should not increase prices in these times of COVID-19, where every business is struggling.

The ruling party should note that fuel and tollgate fee increases are the two important economic elements that have a direct impact on the nation’s day-to-day lives.

Any increase in fuel and tollgate fees has a direct impact on the company or organisation’s transport costs and has a domino effect on the price of goods and services.

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