Zimbabweans demonstrate outside the Zimbabwe Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa, January 16, 2019. REUTERS/Shafiek Tassiem

It appears that the Zimbabwean government has issued another directive to ISP’s in the country, forcing them to shut down the internet again. We can only assume that there were some tech savvy and enterprising Zimbabweans who had found ways to bypass the restrictions that were currently in place. Requests to block access to news services and to various apps where being received by Internet Service Providers on a nearly hourly basis yesterday.

It’s really baffling that the Zimbabwean government would say that Zimbabwe is supposedly “open for business”, and then turnaround and shut down the same internet that many Zimbabweans and foreign companies rely on for income. Not only does it take away from Zimbabweans already struggling as it is, but it also damages the already soiled reputation that the Junta already has.

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