Source: Govt must redeem ‘cursed’ education, health sectors | Newsday (News)


HURUNGWE residents have urged the government to sort out the mess in the education and health sectors and ensure that the striking teachers go back to class.

This was said during public hearings on the 2021 pre-budget consultations by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Budget and Finance which is going around the country collecting public views on the national budget due next month.

Different members of the public suggested that the biggest allocations should go towards education, agriculture and health.

A resident, Chamunorwa Mafume said: “Teaching has been reduced to a cursed profession yet it is the profession that enlightens the nation.”

He said yesteryear, most parents would wish that their children became teachers, but that was no longer the case nowadays due to poor remuneration.

“They (teachers) are now a laughing stock because the government has neglected them,” he said.

Kenston Kumponda said the US$30 salary equivalent for a teacher was “unpatriotic and harassment of teachers”.

He said their measly salaries forced them to neglect their work and to do other activities in search for money.

Karoi Town Council vice-chairperson Stewart Jena said the Treasury must allocate more funds to agriculture so that the import bill of agro-products is reduced.

“Our economy is agro-based and the only way we can recover economically is to produce more food,” Jena said.

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