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Arrests of corrupt council officials will continue until order and honesty have been restored in all local authorities as Government steps up the pace to clampdown on the graft that has contributed to poor service delivery, Harare Metropolitan Provincial Development Coordinator Mr Tafadzwa Muguti said on Wednesday.

Addressing a full council meeting, Mr Muguti said the fight against corruption was apolitical.

“I would like to assure this house that we are not targeting individuals, neither are we driven by politics, but by the mere disgust and distaste of corruption and unethical abuse of office,” he said.

“While I would like to assure you that we will not stop as the Provincial Development Directorate to drive out corruption countrywide, I would like therefore to extend a hand of partnership to all councillors and management to join us as Government in driving out corruption while promoting ward-based socio-economic development programmes.”

Mr Muguti urged Harare to restore order, singling out a growing concern over illegal settlements because of the lack of an aggressive development control policy.

“The City of Harare has successfully received court judgments against land barons and also served eviction letters to illegal occupants, some dating back years, but surprisingly up to now there are not yet enforced,” he said.

“My office and the security services within the province are at pains to understand why we are watching as people are building illegally only to then demolish after full construction. Enforcement should be proactive and not reactive. Let’s be agile in our approach to protect open spaces and wetlands in our city.”

Mr Muguti said illegal settlers should be evicted and where there was an opportunity to have something regularised, planning should begin immediately through the Ministry of Local Government and Public  Works.

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